Crazy Time Live Game 

The legendary casino game Crazy Time, where few will be left indifferent due to its winning potential, is available to play in Bangladesh! Choose your favourite online casino and start playing Crazy Time live now. You will be pleasantly surprised by your winnings.

What is the Crazy Time Live Game?

Original Crazy Time is a game played with a live dealer and real players in real time. The game is called crazy for a reason. Many players like Crazy Time for its crazy winning possibilities.

The Crazy Time Live game was launched in 2020 and developed by the famous software provider Evolution Gaming. Since then, the Crazy Time Live Casino has become very popular and thousands of players have enjoyed the gambling experience. The show atmosphere, the captivating music and the Crazy Time dealers who create a great atmosphere and keep in touch with the players are what make this Crazy Time Casino online game unique in its kind, apart from the big wins of course. And you can do this without even placing a bet, just watch Crazy Time live.

What is Crazy Time A? 

Crazy Time A is exactly the same game as Crazy Time, except it’s made in a different studio. Crazy Time A live was created by Evolution Gaming after the main game became so popular that the servers could no longer handle the constant influx of people. To allow as many people as possible to try their luck at this live casino game, they decided to develop an additional game. All Crazy Time life games do not differ from each other neither rules, gameplay, nor bonuses. The main difference is only in the name. 

Crazy Time Bangladesh: Characteristics

The Name of the Casino GameCrazy Time
Launched 2020
The Software ProviderEvolution Gaming
Crazy Time AppYes
Bonus options Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Cash Flow, Crazy Time
Payments MethodsDepending on the casino 
MultipliersFrom 2x up to 50x before the doubles rounds
RTP From 94,5% to 96,08%
Volatility Extremely High

The game’s metrics are top notch too. You can expect an RTP live Crazy Time rate in the range of 94.5% – 96.08%. The Crazy Time casino live game gains its fans far more than just because of the features. Here you’ll find many unique bonus features, lots of multipliers, and the unique atmosphere of a live casino game Crazy Time. Let’s be fair, these all are unique to each game. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that based on all the tests that have been conducted, the game is classed as highly volatile. Yes, you can’t expect stable winnings from it. However, sometimes, the game can bring insane earnings. With a well-thought-out Crazy Time strategy – you can get unforgettable emotions and money. 

Crazy Time Live Casino Game – Features of the Gameplay

Immediately after loading the game, you will be brought to the main gaming screen where most of the action will occur. The entire gameplay of the game is located in a dedicated room. It consists of the main wheel, the Crazy Time Top Slot, and three different stands for each bonus. Coin Flip, Cash Hunt and Pachinko bonuses are located in the same room as the main wheel. The main Crazy Time bonus, on the other hand, is a separate carnival-style room with lots of little details around it and a huge wheel in the middle. 

You’ll see the minimum and maximum Crazy Time bets in the top left corner.

At the bottom left of the screen you can see your balance, your current bet and the Crazy Time Live Chat. There are 8 different cards for your bets and coins with different amounts in the bottom centre of the screen.
At the bottom right of the screen you can see the statistics of the game so far, and at the top of the screen there are a number of different buttons, including the option to read the game rules.

More details about the main wheel and bonus features can be found below. 

Crazy Time Wheel – Main Features

The game consists of a large Crazy Time wheel game, with 54 segments and a Top Slot. The game is led by Crazy Time hosts – the dealers, whose task is also to comment on the process of the game. However, their main task is to spin the wheel. The wheel works entirely on a mechanical basis, and the reel spins automatically. 

On the spinning wheel, you will find four numbers on which you can bet, namely 1, 2, 5 and 10. Apart from this, there are two sections on the wheel with Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Cash Hunt bonus rounds and one section with Crazy Time bonus rounds. 

Crazy Time Registration and Login Processes

The registration process at each casino differs in some nuances, but in general, you need to go through these steps to register for a Crazy Time casino game: 

  1. Begin by choosing a trustworthy casino. You can choose from the casinos that are featured on our website. For an online casino to be reliable, first and foremost, it needs to be licensed and adhere to all the necessary encryption codes on its site. In addition, before you make your first deposit and bet – always pay attention to the Terms and Conditions of the casino. This will help you avoid any problems or misunderstandings when making money at a popular online casino.
  2. Go to the Crazy Time official site of the selected casino and click on the “Register” button. You need to enter all the data that the casino will require. Most often, it is your email, phone number and password. Some casinos may ask you to also enter your address and at the first stages already verify your identity. You can not be afraid of this, as it is a normal registration process in any casino. Some just ask you to do it straight away and some ask you about it later. 
  3. Log in to your Crazy Time account. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to do the Crazy Time live casino login from any device. To do this, in most cases, you will be asked to enter your email or phone and your password. Therefore, it is important to remember these details and write them down when you do the Crazy Time sign-up. 

The process of Crazy Time casino online login account to play at each casino is pretty much the same as the registration process. Except that it is usually quicker than the registration process. 

How to Play Crazy Time Casino Game? 

To start playing Live Crazy Time, you need to take a few simple steps: 

  1. The first step is to go through the Crazy Time registration online process at your chosen casino. We have described this process in more detail above. 
  2. The second step is to make your first deposit to an online casino site. Each casino has different rules and methods for making a deposit. Before depositing it is important to study all available methods, the minimum amount and the maximum amount. In addition, remember to study the rules of withdrawal, in your chosen casino. 
  3. Choose a welcome bonus at the casino. Most casinos have welcome bonuses that motivate you to start playing right away. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of them, though, at the same time be sure to read the requirements of the bonus. 
  4. On the casino’s homepage – find the search button and type in “Crazy Time”. The casino Crazy Time live stream is so popular that in some casinos, it can be right on the main page. In this case, finding the game will be even easier. 
  5. Get acquainted additionally with the rules of the game. This can be done by clicking on the button with a question mark. 
  6. Select the amount of bet you want to bet. The Crazy Time offers a minimum bet of 11 BDT ($0.1) and a maximum bet of 55,000 BDT ($5,000). 
  7. Place your bet. Click on the coin with the number you want to bet and drop it onto one or more of the eight cards at the bottom of the screen. 

Enjoy the Crazy Time live casino game show and earn! 

Crazy Time Game Rules

To start playing, the gambler must place a bet. This is a universal and obvious rule. In the live Crazy Time casino game, reel the bet is placed at the command of the host at a certain time before the Top Slot starts spinning. 

The Crazy Time Top Slot consists of two columns: 

  • The right column with multipliers. It has multipliers from 2x to 50x;
  • The left column with numbers and names of bonuses. It has all the same values as the big wheel.

The Top Slot always gives the result first. After that, a random value number appears on the big wheel. Each new Crazy Time spin the dealer makes in the opposite direction from the previous one. And the Crazy Time online game starts all over again. 

Online Casino Crazy Time Bonuses

Bonus opportunities are what attracts thousands of players to Crazy Time Casino Bangladesh. It is without a doubt one of the strongest advantages of this popular game that sets it apart from thousands of other games. Below we will explain in more detail about the four bonus games, the mechanics of how each bonus works, its features, possible multipliers and maximum payouts. 

Pachinko Bonus 

If you get lucky and the wheel lands on the Crazy Time Pachinko Bonus symbol, the presenter moves onto the screen for this bonus round. The Pachinko board consists of 16 lines at the top, where the dealer throws a puck ball, and 16 lines at the bottom on each of which you can see a different multiplier. The multiplier grid can be different and is lined up each time before the Crazy Time casino game starts. The range of multipliers can start from 2x and go all the way up to 200x. In addition to the multipliers, there may also be one or more “Double” symbols at the bottom. 

The Crazy Time bonus game round starts when the game randomly selects in which top line the host needs to throw the puck. After that, the puck rolls down and lands on one of the multipliers or the “Double” symbol. In case the Double symbol comes up – all multipliers on the grid are multiplied by two and the whole process of the game starts again. 

One would assume that this could go on forever and bring just huge winnings, but the Crazy Time online game bonus round has limitations on payouts. The maximum multiplier on the bottom of the screen can reach no more than 10,000x. And the maximum payout can be no more than 540,000 Dollars. 

Coin Flip Bonus 

After you are awarded the Coin Flip bonus game, the presenter moves to the board of this bonus. The gameplay of this bonus round consists of a coin and the Coin Flip machine with a screen. The essence of this Crazy Time live casino game bonus is that the game randomly selects multipliers for each side of the coin on the screen. One multiplier will always be significantly less than another. Most often for one side, the multiplier is between 2x and 5x, and for the other side between 7x and 100x. 

Once the choice of multipliers is made, the host presses the button and the machine automatically flips a coin. In case the player initially bet on the Coin Flip bonus – he receives a win in the amount of his bet multiplied by one of the multipliers. If the coin falls on the red side – then players are paid their bet multiplied by the multiplier for the red side. The same happens if the coin falls blue side up. 


The Cash Hunt Crazy Time bonus game is another opportunity to earn a good amount of money. The Crazy Time casino live gameplay of this bonus consists of a large screen with 108 different multipliers. The multiplier table changes frequently and rarely when it matches previous rounds regarding the placement of the multipliers and the maximum number of them. 

The Crazy Time Cash Hunt bonus game round starts when the host presses the lever. Each multiplier is hidden by a random symbol and all multipliers are shuffled on the screen. After that, the player is offered to choose which picture he wants to open and on what he decides to bet. If the player does not manage to choose in the given time, the game will do it automatically. After that, all pictures are opened, and you get a win in the amount of your bet multiplied by the multiplier that was under your picture. 


The Crazy Time Bonus is without a doubt the hallmark of this game. The Crazy Time Bonus is located in a separate room, where the dealer moves to after the main wheel lands on this symbol. If you bet on this bonus round, you can expect to earn a good amount of money from this bonus. 

The special room is designed in a Carnival-Disney style. In the background of a huge wheel, you will see different characters, castles and all sorts of other such details. There can be different multipliers and different amounts of Double symbols on the wheel. Sometimes, the biggest multiplier can initially reach a triple number. There are three different stoppers on top of the wheel, green, blue and yellow. Each one points to a different multiplier symbol.

After the presenter moves to a special room, the player must choose which of the stoppers they want to bet on. If you don’t manage to do it yourself before the round starts, the Crazy Time online game will do it for you. The wheel starts spinning after the host presses a special button. In case your chosen stopper lands on the “Double” symbol, all numbers on the wheel are doubled and you continue playing. 

This bonus most often gives the biggest winnings, so many players make it a strategy to bet on it with every new round. The winnings from this Crazy Time game live bonus can often overcome any possible losses that came before. 

How to Win at the Crazy Time Game? 

The most basic way to win is to match your bet with what falls on the big wheel. In this case, your bet is returned to you in full. You can increase your winnings with the help of multipliers, bonuses and doubles. 

If the number or bonus on the left column of the Crazy Time Top Slot matches the one on the main money wheel, your bet is multiplied by the multiplier from the right column of the reel. 

For example, you placed a bet of $20 on a value number of two. On the Top Slot, the number five fell out in the left column and the Crazy Time 50x multiplier fell out in the right column. On the main wheel, the number two fell out. In this case, you will get your $20 back. However, if you get a two on the Top Slot, a multiplier of 50x, and you get a two on the wheel too – your $20 will be returned to you in the amount of $1,000. That’s how math works here. 

Similar mechanics work with bonuses too. Just, in addition to the multiplier, by which your bet is multiplied in case of a successful one, you get a good opportunity to earn extra money. How bonuses work we will tell you in more detail below. 

Play Crazy Time Live Casino  

One of the advantages of Crazy Time online casino game show is the great earning opportunities and big multipliers during each stage of the game. However, many people are asking about the Crazy Time demo game. We will tell you about the demo Crazy Time and about playing for real money below. 

Crazy Time Free Play Demo

Is it possible to play the Crazy Time demo? This is an important question for many people, because at first you often just want to try, without risk, to get used to the game, and then decide whether it is suitable and whether you like Crazy Time. Alas or fortunately, Crazy Time demo mode is not available in this game, because it is performed in real-time and with real players. 

However, the development team has taken care of the convenience of players in this context and provides the opportunity to watch Crazy Time as an outsider. Many players admit that even just watching Crazy Time live is a process that drags on for a long time. At the same time, witnessing others constantly winning some money creates a huge motivation to start playing for real money.   

Playing Crazy Time for Real Money

Everyone can play Crazy Time for real money just by choosing a reliable casino on our site. To do this, you should use our step-by-step instructions, which we wrote above. As soon as you make your deposit – you will immediately have the opportunity to try your luck in the game for real money Crazy Time. 


Add unforgettable emotions and colours to your life with Crazy Time. And of course, players from Bangladesh Crazy Time also have access to the great profits that this live casino game offers. Choose a trusted casino, register and start earning today. 


Crazy Time Live Casino Review

Burak, 21 years old

After multiplying my deposit by 50 times, I recommend the Crazy Time live game just to everyone. Crazy Time, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip – these bonus rounds are just my biggest love in this game. The thing that is an additional advantage for me is also that in the casino in which I play, you can play in the mobile version for crazy time, this is definitely a big plus for me.

Razia, 27 years old

Crazy Time online casino game has been a discovery of this year for me. I’ve been playing for more than 5 years and I haven’t met anything similar yet. With an RTP of 96% max – in the first few hours, I multiplied my bankroll 10 times!

Bakhtiyar, 24 years old

I heard about Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming from my friend, a real gambler pro with many years of experience. I didn’t regret listening to his opinion, because in the first few hours of the game, I earned more than 1000 dollars (which is about 110.000 BDT). This game is an incredible experience, and real evidence that you can make money in casino!

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